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1. Identify your requirements.

​What are your priorities? Have you just moved house? Do you need a garden to complement your new/planned extension? Perhaps an "outdoor room", or a garden office.

Does it need to be child friendly, have more privacy, or be suitable for entertaining? Do you want to grow vegetables, or somewhere to unwind and relax?

2. Write a brief.

Save photos/websites that you like, nick ideas from friends' or public gardens, think about where the sunniest spots are and how much maintenance work you are prepared to do, and how you are going to use the garden. You may wish to engage a garden designer to bring together all the elements into a working design, and consult on an appropriate budget.

See the work of some of our favourite designers on the links page, or ask for a recommendation from a friend or colleague. 



3. Allow enough time.

We are, or at least we hope to be, always busy in the lighter months of the year, so please don't be surprised if we, like any decent tradesperson,  are booked up and might not be able to complete or even start your project before barbeque season this summer. Even a small garden may take some weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the elements, and please note that although we are always striving to be considerate and careful while on your property, there will inevitably be some mess and disruption to contend with.

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